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Valid Dismissal of Employees: Recommended reading for HR practitioners

Every business owner, employer and HR officer in the Philippines should know the rules on valid dismissal of employees. In the world of Human Resources, hiring and firing can make or break the company.

Most of the problems Human Resources personnel face involve discipline and dismissal of errant employees.  Human resources specialists typically come from behavioral sciences courses and are unfamiliar with legal procedures that have to be observed in meting out suspension and termination

Illegal dismissal cases are easily filed in the labor courts.  They are a source of headaches for the employer who has to go through the hassle of attending time-consuming hearings and be sanctioned for not following correct procedures in firing. 

An ounce of prevention is always better than a pound of cure.

Don’t make the mistake of firing someone on the spot just because you’ve had enough of your employee’s behavior.  While you may have every right to terminate your employee, lack of compliance with legal requirements for dismissal may cost you money in the form of damages and backwages. If you follow the rules of valid dismissal of employees, your employee won’t even think of running to the labor arbiter. Be prepared and show your employees that you mean business by observing the proper procedures of valid dismissal.

You need not be a lawyer or hire one just to fire people the legal way.  If you can read and follow simple rules, you’ll do just fine.

What every practitioner must have

 The author, Atty. Elvin Villanueva,  is a legal professional and HR practitioner. He combines legal knowledge and valuable experience in this book which can greatly help unsure HR specialists. An e-book is also in the works with suggested forms for notices of dismissal and other important documents to guide the HR specialist.  Available NOW at Php697.00. Buy your copy here.