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Rules on Paternity Leave (RA 8187)

Male employees in the private sector are entitled to a paternity leave under the following conditions:

  • The new father must be legally married to the mother of the newborn child
  • He is an employee at the time of birth or miscarriage
  • He is cohabiting with his wife at the time she gives birth or suffers a miscarriage
  • He has applied for paternity leave within a reasonable time from the expected date of delivery of his pregnant wife or within such period as provided by company rules or by collective bargaining agreement
  • His wife has given birth or suffered a miscarriage

Non conversion to cash:  If the employee does not avail of the paternity leave, this benefit is not convertible to cash nor is it cumulative.

Usage AFTER delivery: While application of paternity leave must be made before the delivery, it can only be used AFTER the delivery of the child, unless company rules allow prior usage.

Duration of paternity leave:  7 Calendar days with full pay, consisting of basic pay and mandatory allowances.

Limits:  This benefit is applicable to the first four (4) deliveries of the spouse of the employee with whom he is cohabiting.